Jill Crovisier


Dancer, choreographer, video maker

Jill Crovisier graduated in Ballet and Contemporary dance at the Conservatory of music in Esch/Alzette (LU) before joining by selection the China EU Art school in Beijing organized by the British Council of Arts in 2005. She was a member of the Weis dance people company at the age of 18 and continued to study dance later on in France (where she also obtains a dance teacher degree), NYC, Israel and Indonesia. As a dancer, Jill worked among others for Oz Mulay (ISL), Anu Sistonen (FIN), Pia Vinson (USA), Elisabeth Schilling (DE), Sarah Baltzinger (FR), Kendra J.Horsburgh (UK). Choreography: Jill created R!CE, We are We, Zement, Zement the solo, The Hidden Garden, SIEBEN and the children’s piece MATKA. Since 2013 Jill works also in the production of short dance films and since 2015 she is involved in dance therapy projects. She is the artistic director of the JC movement production, based in Luxembourg. In 2017 Jill got selected with Zement, the solo at Lucky Trimmer, Gdanski solo dance competition, at the Hannover Choreographic Competition, won the Frankfurt edition prize of Solocoreografico competition and won the CICC Taiwan production award at the Copenhagen International Choreography Competition. In 2018 she premiered SIEBEN, her first major work presented at le Grand Théâtre de La Ville de Luxembourg. She was the FOCUNA bourse recipient for the UferStudios artist summer residency 2018 in Berlin and retransmitted The Hidden Garden on a male dancer. In 2018/2019 she is as a guest choreographer for B.Dance company in Taiwan in the work NO MANS’ LAND and joins a residency at the FMK Black Box in Vientiane, Laos. She choreographed SI for a master degree student exam at Taipei National University of the Arts and retransmits a short version of The Hidden Garden on a 4th year Graduate degree student of SEAD Austria. Currently Jill dances for Cie Mirage (FR), Hannah Ma dance (DE) and tours her works Zement, the solo, SIEBEN, MATKA and The Hidden Garden. In January 2019, Jill has received a honorary award from the city of Rumelange, for her exceptional achievements as a dancer and choreographer. Her most recent short dance film D A N S is part of the Loop exhibition in Rotondes, Luxembourg next to renowned video artists. In March 2019 Jill participates at the 23.Internationales Solo Tanz Theater Festival Stuttgart with the short male version of The Hidden Garden. Recently Jill got contacted to create a choreography in 2020 for the Folkwang Universität der Künste, Institut für Zeitgenössischen Tanz in Essen. The Hidden Garden, selected by the Theater Federation, will be represented at the Festival Avignon OFF 2020. In June 2019, Jill has received the Lëtzebuerger Danzpräis  / Luxembourgish Dance Award.

Artistic approach

Jill Crovisier’s choreography finds its inspiration within the world from its cultural, social and political aspect. Travelling the world from a young age opened her mind and perception of dance. From Ballet dance to traditional Asian dances as well the urban culture, Jill works today on her own movement language and develops her specific signature. Aiming to obtain and provide an individualistic approach to choreography, the young choreographer uses not only her experience as a professional dancer and dance observer but also her fascination for architecture and nature as well the body it self and his mind. She is dedicated to expand the potency of contemporary dance and sees in it endless research possibilities. In the past years, Jill developed a personal vision and expanded her interests into dance with video work. For Jill everything is connected, different elements float in and out. Her choreographies are the result of an experience, an experience that she transcribes in time and space by using the body. Jill has a passion for music and sees in it a structure that is connected to her choreography. The editing and research process of music is an essential element in her work as well as the inner groove rhythm of the body. Jill plays with unexpected dynamic changes, different movement qualities, precise structures in space and strong images.


The Hidden Garden offers an original and captivating exploration of the conflict between our deepest aspirations and the expectations of normative society. She manages to juggle different expressive registers without losing coherence. Her gestural creativity, nourished by the influences of the different countries where she worked, is served by an excellent interpretation. Finally, the scenography, music and lights combine skillfully to create, with a minimum of resources and in 40 minutes, a strong emotional impact.

By Chronicle / JCA

While still engaged in ”developing her specific signature” Crovisier’s work is already impressively distinct. In ”The Hidden Garden,” Crovisier focuses on the question of what happens to our accessing of our imaginative minds as we grow up as a starting point for her work. Introducing us to a sharply lit square patch of grass, our own little garden marked very clearly as both an abstract and real space which allows our minds to enter, from the beginning, a type of virtuality. We are introduced to a strange creature who shuffles across the stage with a bouquet of flowers for a head, before revealing his face and natural human form. Such a surreal start demands already that we fuse real and unreal images as our first point of order, moving our attention to the ”regular” form of the human body and its movements not as a given, but as something that comes subsequently. As such, Crovisier opens our minds from the outset into what things could be, look like, and do.

By TanzRaum Berlin / Sasha Amaya

Jill Crovisier’s South African premiere of Zement, the solo was a most intriguing solo performance…The instant changes back and forth between popping like movements to those smooth as jelly and military style attention mixed in was unique in its combination. The performance quality was outstanding. Her performance left me wanted to see more of her works.

By Dance retrospect / Klaus Warschkow

Zement, the solo is very impressive, thoughtful and consistent.

By Gdanski Fetiwal Tanca Poland / Miroslawa Barana –

Nichts könnte weiter entfernt von künstlerischer Bewegung sein. Zement, the solo heisst das Stück von Jill Crovisier aus Luxembourg – ein puristiesches Solo nach Musik von Bach – und Kandidatin für einen der begehrtesten Preise der internationalen Tanzwelt.

Nothing could be further from artistic movement. Zement, the solo is the name of the piece by Jill Crovisier from Luxembourg - a purist solo on Bach music - and a candidate for one of the most sought-after awards in the international dance world.

By Neue Presse Hannover / Henning Queren

SIEBEN, son premier travail d’envergure, qui réunit sept remarquables danseurs, est prometteur..Il est intéressant de noter que la manière dont Jill Crovisier a construit SIEBEN est elle-même extrêmement maîtrisée..Avec SIEBEN, Jill Crovisier réussit le passage à la vitesse supèrieure dans une carrier déjà bien lancée.

SIEBEN, her first major work, which brings together seven remarkable dancers, is promising .. It is interesting to note that the way Jill Crovisier built SIEBEN is itself extremely mastered. With SIEBEN, Jill Crovisier succeeds the transition to the top speed in a carrier already well launched.

By La Glaneuse / Marie-Laure Rolland

Einige der vielen starken Momente des Stückes werden auch durch eine gewisse Komik und den einen oder anderen beklemmenden Moment geprägt..Ob es einen Bausch-Moment in SIEBEN gibt und wie kraftvoll ein menschlicher Schwarm tanzt, lohnt sich auf jeden Fall selbst herauszufinden.

Some of the many strong moments of the piece are also characterized by a certain comedy and one or the other oppressive moment .. Whether there is a Bausch-moment in SIEBEN and how powerful a human swarm dances, is definitely worth finding out for yourself.

By Lëtzebuerger Journal / Sophia Schülke

Une esthétique contemporaine aux accents expressionnistes....Sept merveilleux danseurs..SIEBEN donne vie à de beaux tableaux mis en relief par la musique, de subtils et expressifs jeux de lumière et l’alterance de gestes lents et rapides, de mouvements saccades et fluids, évoquant à la fois la force et la fragilité du corps, entre convulsions et balancements, entre rupture et continuité..Des gestes précis et synchronisés pour faire vivre le collectif..

A contemporary aesthetic with expressionist accents .... Seven wonderful dancers..SIEBEN gives life to beautiful images highlighted by music, subtle and expressive play of light and the alternation of slow and fast gestures, jerky movements and fluids, evoking both the strength and fragility of the body, between convulsions and sways, between rupture and continuity ... Precise and synchronized gestures to make the collective live.

By Le Jeudi / Karin Sitarz

SIEBEN ist eine kraftvolle Choregraphie, die gleichermassen aufrüttelt wie berührt. Und Jill Crovisier, die in der Tanzszene in Luxembourg 2016 durch ihr Stück The Hidden Garden für Aufsehen sorgte.., scheint ganz sicher noch einen spannenden Weg als Choreografin und Videokünsterlin vor sich zu haben.

SIEBEN is a powerful choreography that shakes as much as it touches. And Jill Crovisier, who caused a sensation on the dance scene in Luxembourg 2016 with her play The Hidden Garden ..., seems to have an exciting journey as choreographer and video artist ahead.

By Lëtzebuerger Land / Anne Valle Thiele

Grâce à TROIS C-L, nous avons découvert la chorégraphe et danseuse luxembourgeoise Jill Crovisier, dont la pièce WE ARE WE, interprétée en duo avec le danseur Baptiste Hilbert, est aussi forte qu'émouvante. Ils méritent encore d'autres scènes à Luxembourg ... ! On veut les revoir !!!

With TROIS CL , we discovered the choreographer and dancer Jill Crovisier from Luxembourg , whose play WE ARE WE, a duet with dancer Baptiste Hilbert, is as strong as touching. They deserve way more shows in Luxembourg ... ! We want to see them again !!

By Graphisterie Générale / unknown

Ce que l’on retiendra? En premier lieu et de manière générale, l’exellente technique des danseurs mais aussi l’eclectisme de leurs talents…Sa pièce est énergique, bien rythmée. Sa demarche est avant tout physique, cherchant l’émotion dans la confrontation des energies. La précision est la bonne coordination des danseurs en fait une proposition bien ficelée.

What do we note ? First and generally , technically excellent dancers but also the eclecticism of their talents ... Her play is energetic, well pace . Her approach is primarily physical , seeking the emotion in the confrontation of energies . The right precision and good coordination of the dancers actually form a well-crafted proposal.

By Luxembourger Wort / Marie-Laure Rolland

De drôles de ballons blancs qui défient les lois de la pesanteur, un danseur et une danseuse,en parallèle, puis se croisant, puis ensemble.Des blousons colorés qui se présentent, seuls, sur des cintres descendant du plafond, et don’t la forme gonflée s’étire, se dégonfle au gré des mouvements que l’un imprime sur l’autre. Une musique en décalage, une impression de fluide ininterrompu cassé par des mouvements plus hachés, une lumière s’appuyant sur l’obscurité…Jill Crovisier, première chorégraphe « émergente» à montrer son spectacle devant le public de la Banannefabrik, possède un langage bien à elle, très original. Formée en Chine, en France et aux États-Unis, travaillant en Israël,puis en Australie, elle a créé la pièce We are we, mettant en scène des dynamiques différentes, la force et la douceur, cherchant l’équilibre entre différentes forces. Une sacrée personnalité dans la génération émergente de chorégraphes luxembourgeois.

White balloons that defy the laws of gravity , 2 dancers in parallel, intersecting, connecting. Colorful jackets that arise, alone, on hangers from the ceiling ,their form blowing up and down, their shape stretches due to the movements of the dancers. A shift in music , a continuous fluidity chopped off by mechanical movements , a light based on the darkness ... Jill Crovisier first ‘’emerging’’ choreographer to show her piece to the public at the Banannefabrik , has a language all its own , very original. Trained in China, France and the United States , working in Israel ,then in Australia , she created the piece We are we , featuring different dynamics , strength and softness , seeking a balance between different forces . A sacred figure in the emerging generation of Luxembourg choreographers.

By Letzebuerger Land / Sarah Elkaï

Parmis les artistes émergents, c’est sans doute Jill Crovisier qui aura retenu le plus d’attention. Entourée du danseur Jorge Soler Bastida, elle crée Zement: une pièce sur la symbolique du mur et de la main comme outil de construction et de separation. Un travail étonnant de par son écriture chorégraphique à la fois rapide, répétitive, mécanique et fluide mais également dans la facon d’architecturer l’éspace par le mouvement. Sur des genre de musicaux hétéroclites, la main <> apparaît comme le reflet de la division, de l’enfermement, de la destruction mais aussi comme le miroir de sa propre vie.

Among the emerging artists , it is undoubtedly Jill Crovisier who has received the most attention. Surrounded by dancer Jorge Soler Bastida , she creates Zement : a dance piece about the symbolism of the wall and the human hand as a tool for construction and separation. An amazing work by its choreography both rapid , repetitive, mechanical and fluid but also in the way of architecting the space with movement. On such disparate musical choices , the hand <> appears as a reflection of the division and destruction but also as the mirror of his own life.

by Luxemburger Wort / Mireille Petitgenet

MATKA est une pièce pleine de poésie et de joie qui suscite l’émerveillement chez les plus jeunes. Très applaudie, elle a permis au public de prendre part à une histoire pas comme les autres: celle d’un voyage à travers des univers varies ou danse, musique et cirque sont intimements liés.

MATKA is a dance piece full of poetry and joy that arouses wonderment for the youngest audience. Highly acclaimed , MATKA allowed the public to take part in a story like no other : a journey through varied universes where dance, music and circus are intimately linked.

by Luxembourger Wort / Mireille Petitgenet

JC movement choreography

Jill Crovisier choreography – extracts 2019


Being a piece of un-owned land which can be seen as a disputed ground between the front lines or trenches of two opposing armies as well as an indeterminate or undefined place, the concept of ‘no man’s land’ also confronts us with our own subconscious that defines us human beings. Does a no man’s land necessarily need to be a territorial matter? Are we not as humans concerned about an unknown place in ourselves as well? In NO MAN’S LAND, Jill Crovisier explores the creative potential of this space through the medium of dance. The juxtaposition of realistic and dreamlike states of mind is of special interest to this young choreographer. The idea of entering an unrevealed personal no man’s land, a place between consciousness and unconsciousness lies at the heart of this contemporary dance piece.

Noman1 Noman2 Noman3 Noman4 Noman5


The number seven. Difficult to ignore one of the most important numbers in history. From gods and planets to poetry and capital sins. In SIEBEN, Jill Crovisier confronts 7 dancers who want to express their individuality within a group but also to express their inability to disconnect from it. Everyone has his time of entry and exit as the circle of life, governed by a certain repetition. In SIEBEN, the number 7 will not leave you anymore!

trailer SIEBEN from JC Movement Production on Vimeo.

Sieben 3 Sieben 4 Sieben 5 Sieben 6 Sieben 7

ZEMENT - The solo

In Zement, the solo, the young artist Jill Crovisier founded her choreographic research work on the theme of separation, particularly the symbolism of the wall. According to the choreographer, the human hand built walls , so he is the origin of all forms of separation, which aims to protect, enclose divide or destroy. Beyond the responsibility carried by humans on political decisions , the hand is also, personally seen, the mirror of his own life.

Zement1 Zement2 Zement3 Zement4 Zement5

The Hidden Garden

Growing up we loose the ability to live in connection with our mind. We become increasingly preoccupied by what is useful. The desire for power, control and perfection. Man becomes comparable to a supernatural creature. Obsessed, this creature sucks the life out of those who dare to confront it. Dreams, simple pleasures and poetry are suffocated. The hidden garden is a mysterious place where the real and the fantastic are intertwined. A choreography inspired by the gothic novel, fantastic literature, and the modern customs today's society.‎

Hidden garden 1 Hidden garden 2 Hidden garden 3 Hidden garden 4


A children’s piece MATKA is a 40 minutes long journey through dance , music and circus ; taking time to travel around the globe and finding friends. It is about discovering diverse places where dance and music are intertwined. MATKA is about learning from each other and discovering different cultures. Maybe the journey ends somewhere unexpected, in the universe ...

Matka 1 Matka 2 Matka 3 Matka 4


In Zement, the young artist Jill Crovisier founded her choreographic research work on the theme of separation, particularly the symbolism of the wall. According to the choreographer, the human hand built walls , so he is the origin of all forms of separation, which aims to protect, enclose divide or destroy. Beyond the responsibility carried by humans on political decisions , the hand is also, personally seen, the mirror of his own life. Zement is a duet while Zement, the solo is a revisited solo version.

Zement 1 Zement 2 Zement 3 Zement 4 Zement 5

We are We

How to find the right balance between different forces? That is the question which guide Jill Crovisier in a exploration work of the notion of power and his connection to identity. Involving a body language strong in expression, the choreographer is engaged in a search that juxtaposes various dynamics – those of the dance movements, and those, opposite, of daily life. An exploration to both, subtle and outrageous, rythmed by a dance evolving between strength and softness.

Waw 1 Waw 2 Waw 3 Waw 4

JC movement danzfilm

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